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About Net All Over

Net All Over was founded by one of the innovators of Wireless Internet (Wi-Fi) service, having designed one of the first outdoor wireless Internet networks in the U.S. in 1996. Our goal is to provide high-speed Internet service to rural or low-service areas that either have no competitive alternative – OR – have no high-speed choice at all.

Experienced Staff

Our company president has been in the wireless internet and broadband business since 1994! Our staff is available 24/7 in order to provide you with exceptional support and assistance.

Competitive Pricing

You will find that our Internet service is both reliable and reasonable in price. If you have a 4G/5G router now, you will find that our service is a step up without a big change in price. If you have a satellite Internet service provider, you can forget those caps, speed slowdowns, and bottlenecks during peak hours. If you have broadband DSL, well you are really in for a treat!

Our Mission

We deliver a reliable and fast Internet connection to every customer in every part of the United States and provide great technical support. Our mandate is to be responsive to you from the first call you place to us and every time you need us.

Get Fast Help

We’re available 24/7

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How Does the Service Work?

Net All Over provides a standard router that receives LTE service signal from cell towers and distributes it to various devices through its built-in Wi-Fi service, including your computers, Smart TVs, gaming consoles, and phones. In case you require faster internet speeds and have the capability to install an outdoor antenna, Net All Over can offer a router that connects to an antenna easily mountable on the outside eave, rooftop, tower, or wall of your premises.


“Absolutely wonderful customer service. Unfortunately the cell signal just isn’t strong where we live but Net All Over tried everything they could to help us get the strongest signal possible before switching to ******** When it did not work out for us they graciously refunded all the equipment and recent months service. I so so so wish it would have been strong enough signal for us because their customer service is second to none. It is not their fault the signal as not strong we just do not have an cell tower close enough to us.”

– Brooke Quintero
Boaz, AL


“I’ve had NAO service for a few days now.. download speeds range from 50-80mbps while uploads are 6- 18mbps at my location. So far so good, excellent stuff!”

– Dan Ridenhour
Panama City, FL


“I’m in a location that just cant get internet. as though all signals converge at my rural location. Thanks to these people and their equipment I am now getting 28mbs down and around 13mbs up. Not blazing, but I am very pleased. I have tried satelite and even ATTs wireless and neither was reliable in this place back in the woods. “It’s a do it yourself”, but if a 67 year old disabled man can figure it out you can too! ”

– Fred Hoagland
Falls of Rough, KY


“I have net all over and love the service, price, and customer service. Truly unlimited. Can’t beat this company”

– Les Rogers
Billings, MO


“LOVE this internet service! It picks up when none of the others will. We live in the middle of nowhere and another company we had before charged us double and wasn’t half as good.”

– April P.
Rochelle, GA


“This is the third provider that I’ve tried that offers similar service. This is the best coverage, the fewest glitches, easiest to get going, no payment issues. The speed still varies a little day to day but there are 5 of us in my home, we use streaming services, cell phones, video conferencing, it works well. I do have an antenna, because our cell signal is even spotty.”

– Dottie H.
Big Sandy, TN


“I ordered the unit last week. Received in 2 days and up in running in only a couple of minutes. Very pleased with the speed so far. No issues streaming movies unlike the satellite internet I had previously. I have already recommended this system to others.”

– Frank R.
Davison, MI


“I’ve had NetAllOver for right at a year with zero issues. Living in a rural area, the only other option I had for internet was satellite and those are unreliable. Not this. Still good speeds with multiple devices connected. Also a major plus that is portable for when we travel. For sure recommend!”

– Lakin P.
Sumrall, MS


“Before I found you, I had DSL service which got me 3 Megs of speed at best. I now get about 25 Megs for just about the same price. I can actually work from home now! You are my favorite Internet Service Provider!”

– S. Kevarson
Portales NM


“I had Satellite Internet and it was fast enough – until I went over the caps, then it dropped to dial-up speed. I could never watch more than 1 or 2 movies a month until I switched to your service. Now, I can watch anything I want, as often as I want. Thanks being the best Internet provider in my area.”

– P. Kaples
Chester Gap, VA


“I bought your broadband service because I live in a very rural area in Wyoming. It works great here and it has been a blessing. I got a great surprise when one of your staff told me that I could take the router with me when I travel. My husband and I have an RV and getting good service is sometimes a problem at RV parks and campgrounds. Now, we never have to worry about getting reliable service on the road.”

– M. Masterson
Beckton WY

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