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Speed Test

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Know your Speeds!
There are many reasons to speed test your device to see how fast the internet is. Before we begin, make sure other devices are disconnected or not using the internet when running a speedtest. If they are downloading updates or streaming TV at the same time you’re trying to speed test the results will seem slower than they should be because multiple devices are fighting for the bandwidth.
Click the link below to take the test.

Let’s look at a test result and see what each item means.


This is the most important number. This is how much data you can get from the cell tower right now. You will need at least 5 Mbs to stream in HD (720p). You will want a bit more than this to stream reliably so the TV doesn’t buffer at the slightest interference and you can do things at the same time someone else is watching TV.


This is how much data you can send to the tower. It’s normal for this number to be between 1-5 Mbs. Unless you upload photos or very large documents you will not need a high upload speed.


This is the time it takes to send a message to the tower and hear back measured in milliseconds. So if your ping is 500. That means there is a half-second delay between sending a request for information and getting data back. This is an important number for gaming as a higher ping means more delay (lag) between any action you take and the game server. Most users see between 50-150 ms ping.


This is the average time difference between ping packets. You want this number to be low if you are using Voice Over IP (WiFi calling) or other real-time systems as a higher jitter could lead to more static in a phone call.


You may notice in the screenshot above, that the speed test is running at “Lauren’s Technologies, LLC” in Housten, Texas. Your result will say something different. This is an open speedtest server that should be close to your location. Don’t be alarmed if it is far away, or even in another state, all your results should be about the same except for ping which will display a higher result than normal.

Keep in mind that it is normal for speeds to fluctuate throughout the day, especially during Friday or Saturday nights when everyone else is also using the internet to stream TV congesting the cell tower. Take a few different speed tests at different times of day and see how they compare.

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