Guest Wifi

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Did you know the router can broadcast 4 different Wi-Fi Networks simultaneously?

You’ve likely seen the -5G and -2G networks on your devices, but the router can also broadcast guest networks for each of these ranges.

Know the difference between 5Ghz Wi-Fi and 2Ghz Wi-Fi? See our blog article about it.

Why would a guest network be useful?

You can give temporary access to friends or neighbors you don’t want to know the permanent password.

Or you could use it as a parental control feature: If you give kids the Wi-Fi information for the guest network, you can turn the guest Wi-Fi off at bedtime while still allowing the primary Wi-Fi to function.

So how do you turn on guest WiFi? Follow the instructions for your device at in the “Wi-Fi Device Settings” Section.

When you get to the page to change your Wi-Fi name and password there will be a tab for Guest Networks.

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