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LTE Device Installation

Your GL-X750 modem comes with the following hardware:


  • 2 Antennas
  • 1 Power supply
  • 1 Plug adapter
  • 1 Ethernet cable


After unpacking the device, attach the supplied antennas, and plug the modem in with the provided power supply. Generally for the strongest signal strength we recommend placing the device near a window.


The device may take several moments to fully start up. Once the Power light, 2ghz light, 5ghz light, and the signal light are all illuminated the device is ready to connect to wirelessly.


There will be two wireless networks you are able to connect to:

GLX-750-xxx & GLX-750-xxx-5G


Use the GLX-750-xxx for devices that are far away from the modem or that do not support 5GHZ connections, and use the GLX-750-xxx-5G for devices that are close to the modem.


The default password for both networks is: goodlife


If you find the device is going slowly or having trouble finding a stable connection we recommend moving it around your house until you find the place with the strongest signal. The signal lights on the modem ARE NOT an indicator of signal strength. Please click here for instructions on finding the modem signal strength.


If you can not find an area with strong signal strength you may need an external antenna or cell booster. You can call our support line (888-425-3656) to discuss which product would work best for your needs.

WIFI Device Settings

How to change the SSID Network Name and Password:

Step 1. Plug an ethernet cord into the LAN port (the one closest to power).




Step 2. Enter in the URL bar at the top of a web browser.

-Enter “root” for the username if prompted.

-Enter “1234554321” as the password.




Step 3. To adjust SSID network name and password, go to the left side and click on WIRELESS. Then click on modify on the 2.4ghz settings. Change the Wi-Fi Name (SSID), and the Wi-Fi Key. Click Apply. Do the same with the 5ghz settings.




Step 4. Unplug the device and wait 10 seconds, then plug it back in.


No Internet

Are You Connected to the Net All Over Wireless LTE Device?


If you are connected, what color are the signal bars?


If they are green, the white radio is connecting with the cell tower, and your devices should be getting internet.


Verify you are receiving no internet as opposed to very slow internet and make sure you are connecting to the right wifi.


Unplug the white radio from the wall, and wait 15 seconds before plugging it back in. It should take 2-5 minutes to reboot.


If you are still offline when the signal bars light up again, there may be an issue with your local cell tower.
If the problem continues for longer than 24 hours, please give us a call at 888-425-3656 and press option 2 for support.



If the lights are blank, the white radio is not connecting to the cell tower. Make sure the antennas are screwed on tightly. Take the device outside on an extension cord and see if the light turns green. If it does, you will need an external antenna to get a good signal.


If it stays blank, we should attempt an ‘APN Reset’ Instructions on how to perform this procedure can be found here.


If this does not fix the issue, please call us at 888-425-3656 and press option 2 for support



If you are not connected,
If the default SSID name shows on the wireless list on the device, connect to it with the default password listed on the sticker on the bottom of the radio.

SSID: GL-X750-xxx
Passphrase: goodlife

Ethernet Cable
Connect LTE device to the computer with an ethernet cable and log into the radio. If you cannot pull up the radio, verify they are being assigned and IP address from the radio. If after you check the physical connection between the radio and the computer as well as the TCP/IP settings and you still cannot log into the radio, then the radio is bad, and it will need to be replaced. We will replace at no charge, please send back the radio with the return label in the box or ask for one.

Verify Password
If it works using the Ethernet cable, but you cannot connect to the WiFi, follow the steps of the “Wi-Fi Device Settings” section above.



Slow Internet

Radio Placement
Move the radio around the home or office to see if there is an improvement. Instructions on measuring signal strength can be found here.

Internet Usage
While others are on the same network, other devices could be downloading and or uploading files to a cloud storage or a device or multiple devices might be streaming at the same time, thus clogging the bandwidth pipe.

Smart Devices, Phones, Computers and Tablets
If you do not have a lot of devices connected, check any device that is connected to the network. Smart phones, smart devices, computers and tablets have auto backup settings as well as an auto update setting for applications that will run in the background and it is recommended that you turn those off.

Cellular Tower
Slow speeds are usually caused by heavy traffic usage, or the radio is not getting a strong enough signal from the tower.

APN Reset

Often times performing an APN Reset will restore higher speeds. Instructions on how to perform this procedure can be found here.

External Antenna
Try moving the radio outside to see if their speeds improve, if it does, we recommend that you purchase an external antenna kit. We sell different antennas and boosters to help increase speeds.

Intermittent Internet

Intermittent Internet can be caused by three things:

Tower Congestion
Keep in mind that it is normal for internet speeds to fluctuate throughout the day. You will often see slower speeds around 6-10 PM, especially on weekends, because that is when the most people are on the cell tower. The cell tower only has so much bandwidth to give out to users. If there are more users requesting bandwidth than it has available, it will give less bandwidth per user. Metaphorically speaking, the cell tower must cut smaller slices of pie to ensure everybody gets a slice. This is called Tower Congestion.

Try moving the radio to different parts of the house to see if it will connect to a different cell tower that might not be as congested. If you have an external antenna, try pointing at a different tower. You can use this link to see what cell towers are nearby:

Low Bandwidth / Signal
If you are trying to use more bandwidth than the device receives from the cell tower, you may see your devices buffer, or take forever to load. This may be due to some devices in the background using said bandwidth downloading updates, or to low signal in general. Disconnect or turn off devices you think might be using the Internet in the background and run a speed test. 5Mbs download should be enough to stream video. If you are getting close to this value, fluctuations in speeds or background updates may cause your device’s download speed to drop below what is needed to stream. An external antenna should help with this situation.

Device Failure
If the Internet is cutting out completely, and it does not appear to be related to download speeds or tower congestion, it may be the fault of the device or firmware. We can revert the firmware and reset the device to the factory settings by holding in the reset button on the back of the device for 10 seconds. The button may be covered by a white sticker, and you will need to use something like a paper clip to push in the button. A video demonstration can be found here.

Program Radio


In a web browser, type into the URL bar at the top.

Password: 1234554321
Username (if needed): root


1. Click modify.
2. Change Channel to Auto.
3. Leave the Wi-Fi Name (SSID) and Wi-Fi Key on default or change them to whatever you wish.
4. Hit apply.
5. Repeat the above steps for the 5Ghz WiFi below.

Applications – Remote Access
1. Enable GoodCloud.
2. Drop down to America.
3. Check yes on agreement.
4. Hit apply.

More Settings – Time Zone
1. Hit Sync or change the timezone to America/Chicago.
2. Hit Apply.

Streaming Services





Firmware Upgrade

Having up-to-date firmware helps the router to run more smoothly and solves some background problems before they become an issue. It is also necessary for some advanced troubleshooting procedures.


We have a blog article about this Here.


If you have any questions, please call in to 888-425-3656 and press 2 for tech support or reach us at