Christmas Road Trip

11 · 24 · 23
laptop on roadtrip

Are we there yet?

It’s that time of year when everyone takes to the road for the Holidays. If you aren’t prepared, you’ll be hearing this ALOT.

Our suggestion?

Do the same thing parents have done for the past decade: give the baby the iPad. With this you can have a mostly pleasant long road trip without any –

“It’s not working, Mom!”

Oops – It doesn’t have internet.

If you’re already a Net All Over customer, you have an LTE Router, you can take with you on the trip to provide internet at your destination and during the car trip with one special trick: Use a Power Converter.

The router plugs into a wall socket to get power, but the car only has cigarette plugs. So we need a device to go from the cigarette plug to a standard wall socket.

Enter this device from BESTEK. It’s a power converter that has a wall socket and USB plugs for charging mobile devices. Click Here to view this converter on Amazon.
(Note that Net All Over has no affiliation with BESTEK or Amazon and does not benefit by recommending it.)

You can use your new Internet on-the-go to watch videos, download and listen to music or audiobooks, and stay connected on the road.

Finally, some peace of mind. It’s just you, the open road, and –

Are we there yet?

. . . Maybe not

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